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Philips 47PFL7422D/37 Review – 47-inch LCD HDTV

Originally Reviewed on February 24th, 2014

Up for Review: Philips 47PFL7422D/37 LCD HDTV.

If you are looking for a better HDTV with great picture display, fair audio at a reasonable cost, Philips 47PFL7422D/37 could be a good option for you. It is slick, future proof, low-cost and updatable via USB, so you can buy it even if you are on a tight budget. It is built with Full HD screen resolution of 1920x1080p and Perfect Pixel HD Engine to deliver the optimum picture display both on still and moving sequences. Philips has taken an impressive step to offer the digital HD connection even at this cost. You would get the privilege to fine tune all the basic TV settings. Although there are two 8-watt speakers on the 47-inch LCD, the audio is suitably loud. Let’s take a brief look at its major features and specifications, and study them in greater detail.

Philips 47PFL7422D/37 Features and Specifications:

  • TV Type: LCD HDTV
  • Screen Size: 47 inches
  • 1920x1080p Full HD Widescreen Resolution
  • Perfect Pixel HD Engine
  • Digital Natural Motion and Dynamic Contrast Enhancement
  • 60 Hz Processing
  • Virtual Dolby Digital
  • 3 HDMI inputs and 1 USB Multimedia Connector

Let’s talk about the design first. As always, Philips takes special care about the look of its products. Even if it is a budget TV, it has still got a fantastic look like that of a top-tier model in the line. The by-packed glossy-black tabletop stand not only enhances the look but provides more strength to the flat panel. The increased 47-inch widescreen has also a great impact on the overall design of the HDTV.

The TV shows you some of the very best images and videos on the flat LCD panel. The display includes Perfect Pixel HD Engine, which is Philips’s own invention to substantiate the overall display. What this display technology basically does is that it enhances every pixel of the source content to better match its surrounding pixels, which results in clear and crisp scenes. It also enhances the color, brightness and sharpness of the on-screen content. The TV supports Full HD resolution of 1920x1080p, which is excellent to watch both still and motion pictures. Since it is updatable, you can connect the USB containing the essential software and install the renewable program features. It is easy to do.

To increase the smoothness and contrast, the TV is programmed with Digital Natural Motion and Dynamic Contrast Enhancement. These two technologies ensure that the user would get to view seamless and smooth content all the time. The HDTV performs well with the 60Hz signal processing rate.

Talking about the audio, it produces some decently loud sound effects with 16 watts total output power. It also features Virtual Dolby Digital technology and Dynamic Bass Enhancement to ensure the audio is perfect for the 47-inch big screen. Furthermore, the TV provides 1 USB and 3 HDMI input ports that allow you to connect your external hardware devices and share content with the big screen. Just plug your loaded USB stick and/or multimedia HD devices like digital camera or Blu-ray player and play the content on the widescreen. The remote control is also light and slick. Overall, it is a TV that does exactly what you would want your TV to do. gives Philips 47PFL7422D/37 4/5 stars.

4 / 5 stars     

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