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Panasonic TC-L42U25 Review – 42-inch LCD HDTV

Originally Reviewed on June 8th, 2010

Panasonic TC-L42U25 Review: 42” LCD HDTV

Up for Review: Panasonic TC-L42U25 LCD TV. This model from Panasonic misses out on the LED backlights and is a true LCD TV. But this 42-inch set has the full HD 1080p resolution which is vital for watching movies in the Blu-ray disc player. This 1080p resolution offers much better picture quality and the images are perfectly clear and natural with more well defined contours. Like most Panasonic LCD TVs released this year, this model also has a viewing angle of 178 degrees. With this feature, you don’t have to fight for the seat right in front of the TV. A little to the left or right will also give you good quality pictures without any fading. The aspect ratio of 16:9 also allows good viewing of the pictures.

This model has an EEFL backlight which gives considerably good brightness while keeping an eye on the energy conservation issues. Other distinctive features include progressive scan, 24p playback and motion focus technology. All these features are designed to give you as near a quality as possible as that of the original source. The dynamic contrast of 20,000:1 is not as mind blowing as that of the Plasma TVs but suffices to give clear pictures with good black levels. The images with darker portions can be well discerned because of this contrast ratio.

Panasonic TC-L42U25 Features and Specifications Review:

  • 42″ Screen
  • 1080p Resolution
  • 24p Smooth film
  • 120Hz motion picture Pro 4
  • IPS panel
  • Intelligent Scene Controller
  • VIERA Image Viewer(TM)
  • VIERA Link(TM)
  • PC input
  • Game Mode
  • 3 HDMI inputs
  • Fine Black Panel

The IPS panel is very much responsible for adding to the crispness in the picture quality. It helps you to see the TV from any angle and still get a good view. The 120 Hz motion picture Pro 4 allows the images to flit by without any blurring in the scenes. You can enjoy watching action scenes like car races and sword fights without any effects of trailing behind of frames. The IPS panel accentuates the visual look of the TV which is quite like the regular LCD TVs with a slim black bezel with only the Panasonic logo at the center of the bottom edge. Most of the controls are at the side or the back. The back also carries all the ports.

Panasonic has kept intact the Viera Image Viewer and Viera Link in most of its TVs. With the help of the Viera Image Viewer, you can add glamour to your photos by watching them on the 42-inch screen in 1080p resolution. There are 3 HDMI to connect high definition devices like the Blu-ray player to the TV. The Viera Link technology is provided to help control all these devices with a single remote. This removes the clutter along with confusion of handling too many remotes at the same time. This model is a good one in many ways, especially if you want a basic TV from a reputable manufacturer for not too high a price. gives Panasonic TC-L42U25 3/5 stars!

10 Customer Reviews for “Panasonic TC-L42U25 Review – 42-inch LCD HDTV”

  1. DAVE in Buffalo,'s reviewJune 09, 2010

    I’ve owned this set for a mere 10 days and I continue to be thoroughly pleased and completely enthused by the dollar value this set offers. If you’re looking for ground-braking picture definition then this isn’t the set for you. However, at the $640.00 price that I got it for I got more that expected . The latest Samsung’s offer the best definition IMO but at a hefty $1,399.99 and higher they very well should! So in closing if money is no object then you may look at other brands/models. But for most of us that watch our dollars carefully then this Panasonic leads the pack!

  2. mel's reviewJune 16, 2010

    Dave, how did you get this tv for $640.00? I am looking to purchase it and was looking at reviews and found yours. Let me know, I’d love to get it for that price! I have only found it for much more elsewhere.

  3. JJ's reviewJune 18, 2010

    Sears has it for $709 and if you use sears card, 10% off and sometimes they have in store specials such as an extra $50 off..worth a try..

  4. michele's reviewJuly 26, 2010

    Best buy has it for 599. Just got Saturday. Nice picture, easy set up. No interest financing for 18 months.

  5. John's reviewAugust 05, 2010

    Michelle the unit you quote from Best Buy is a 60Hz unit not 120hz

  6. paul's reviewAugust 08, 2010

    michele: the 599 Best Buy model is the 42U22, this is a different model, which Best Buy sells for 750. If you got a U25 for 600, you did great and their inventory control hiccuped!

  7. Matt's reviewNovember 27, 2010

    Boscov’s 599.99

  8. Frank's reviewDecember 05, 2010

    I got this tv at Best buy in Canada for 850. Itstruly a great deal for 1 1080p 120hz great reputation name in Panasonic. The Vierra brand is top notch. I was originally sold on the Samsung 6300 series Led, but after reading consumers affairs report of over 3000 complaints mainly the clicking and the Caps issue that they have been famous for and after hearing each salesguy mention it to me as well after I confronted them on it I decided to stay clear and go for teh Panasonic. I love it Golf in HD is awesome. Can see the detail of the blades of grass after some fine tuning.
    OVerall totally satisfied with the purchase and you wont be disappointed in the value for the price.

  9. Jing's reviewJanuary 07, 2011

    I just got mine from Amazon today for $499.99.

  10. Brian Wells's reviewJanuary 19, 2011

    I was my TV had died a few days earlier. I just paid $549.99 on Amazon today.

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