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Magnavox 32MF338B Review – 32-inch LCD HDTV

Originally Reviewed on July 15th, 2009

Magnavox 32MF338B Review: 32” LCD HDTV

Up for Review: Magnavox 32MF338B LCD TV. Philips unleashed the Magnavox 32MF338B and signaled its presence in the world of LCD TVs. Its 32” display is good enough to emphasize the exquisite picture quality of the set. It has a 720p resolution which is not up to the 1080p resolution of most HDTVs of today. However, since most of the programs telecast today are in 720p, it hardly affects the viewing experience. What matters is when you connect to a DVD player. You will miss the DVD quality on the HDTV. But considering the price of the HDTV, it is a good one.

The Magnavox 32MF338B has a widescreen HD picture with HDMI connectivity. This ensures that you can connect HD-ready devices like DVD players, camcorders and gaming consoles to the HDTV. So if you want to view your outing with friends on the big TV, then just plug in the camcorder and see the images in vivid color. Or else, you can watch the movies on the DVD player. Gaming is also a very interesting activity in which you can indulge in with your children or friends.

Magnavox 32MF338B Features and Specifications Review:

32” display
720p resolution
Dolby Digital sound
Integrated digital tuner
Multiple AV inputs

You have Dolby Digital Sound in the Magnavox 32MF338B. A review shows that the sound of this HDTV is very good. It also has an integrated digital tuner which can stream all signals which are free-to-air to the HDTV. You can watch all high definition programs on the Magnavox 32MF338B. Together with the tuner and HDMI, this HDTV also has multiple AV input options.

If you want, you can use the HDTV as a computer monitor. It will be better to see things on a bigger display and with much more clarity and intense colors. The PC input enables you to connect to a computer. The image quality of the Magnavox 32MF338B is above reproach. If you buy this HDTV, then you will be making a good investment. You will get the best in entertainment for a reasonable price and the power of the name of Philips. gives Magnavox 32MF338B 8/10 stars!

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