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Magnavox 19MF337B Review – 19-inch LCD HDTV

Originally Reviewed on August 8th, 2009

Magnavox 19MF337B Review: 19” LCD HDTV

Up for review: Magnavox 19MF337B LCD TV. Easy to install and operate, stylish in look and ultra sharp widescreen HD picture quality makes Magnavox 19MF337B 19-Inch LCD HDTV a popular choice. The model incorporates wide array of inputs like VGA input for computer connection, and an HDMI input to connect to DVD players and various other fancy audio systems.

Its widescreen flat panel has built-in ATSC, QAM and analog tuners that work equally smoothly with either off-the-air or cable TV signals. It has a 16:9 widescreen aspect ratio that makes viewing enjoyable. Moreover, the picture quality tends to be sharper, clearer and finer.  With native resolution of 1,440 x 900 pixels, this sleek model is perfectly suitable to be used as a computer monitor. Once you get a high-definition DVD , the impressive picture quality makes you forget about the size of the screen.

According to a review, the Magnavox 19MF337B when connected to the computer or laptop produces pictures that look beautiful, with accurate color saturations and crisp edges.

Magnavox 19MF337B Features and Specifications Review:

  • Crystal Design, 1920 x 1080p, 70,000: 1
  • Dynamic Contrast ratio
  • 4ms response time
  • HD media connectivity
  • Dolby Digital sound
  • SPDIF audio output
  • Integrated digital tuner and multiple input options

Available in an attractive black case, the TV has the standard VESA four-hole pattern for a wall mount. However, wall mounting is purely optional as you can also place it on a TV stand. With excellent ATSC reception, it easily picks up couple of digital channels.  Adding to its benefits, Magnavox 19MF337B is also provided with competent speakers and easy-to- use and handy remote.

This crystal designed model looks good with over-the-air HD signals but some contrast related issues may crop up. One of the reviews stated that brightness level had to be adjusted to make black look blacker on the screen. Moreover, due to this contrast problem sometimes the flesh tones can appear a little pasty. But all this can easily be adjusted with just the click of your remote button.

Barring limited drawbacks, the model successfully meets the contemporary demands of the users. It is an apt choice for those who want a dual-purpose computer monitor, capable of offering HDTV viewing pleasure. gives Magnavox 19MF337B 8/10 stars!

One Customer Review for “Magnavox 19MF337B Review – 19-inch LCD HDTV”

  1. L. Hinton's reviewMay 28, 2011

    Just to let you know we bought a 19 inch Magnavox for our travel trailer,we put it in the floor and pack it in with pillows ,its always done fine. Until we went to Tennessee .The roads are ugly,and our poor T.V Hopped all over,I thought oh no it will be dead . Picked it up plugged it in and it played ! The same thing happened on the way home and it lived threw that .I just wanted to say “That’s one tuff little T.V”!
    Thank you for what ever keeps it together.I’m not pushing my luck anymore ,It will ride in the truck from here on in.
    Sincerely Lorraine Hinton

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