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LG 47LD520 Review – 47-inch LED HDTV

Originally Reviewed on March 2nd, 2010

LG 47LD520 Review: 47” LED HDTV

Up for Review: LG 47LD520 LED TV. LG has a flair for impressing its prospective clientele. LG has done a great job of producing distinctive HDTV lines in 2010 for different audiences. It has some high-end TV’s with the latest features releasing this year but also some that are also high in quality but lacking some of the trendy features. This particular model is high in features but low on price. As far as looks are concerned, it has the same narrow bezel and a completely sleek as well as undisturbed external looks. The front view looks like a calm and serene picture, especially when mounted on the walls.

Paving the way for a great entertainment experience, LG has made sure that this set is replete with 1080p display resolution. With this ultimate resolution, you are sure to get the best pictures. The prices maybe a wee bit higher because of this but it certainly makes sense to equip a TV of 47-inch display with 1080p. The images would never have given the same clarity and crispness with 720p. And since you have made up your mind to sacrifice the intensity of the 3D experience and opt for this model, you should at least get a good resolution to view the pictures with full enthusiasm.

LG 47LD520 Features and Specifications Review:

  • 47″ Widescreen LED-Backlit LCD Display
  • Full HD 1080p Resolution
  • 16:9 Image Aspect Ratio
  • TruMotion 120Hz Refresh Rate

The TruMotion 120 Hz refresh rate allows high-speed images to be viewed on the screen with the minimum disturbance. You won’t get any trailing behind while watching your favorite hero perform the stunts with great alacrity. There is also no visible noise in the images. The images are totally filtered to give the best effects. There has been some confusion about the effectiveness of the 120 Hz refresh rate. But technically, it is expected that 120 Hz should give better effects than 60 Hz.

The LG 47LD520 goes in for some more compromise with the features. It has given the NetCast Entertainment Access the miss in this series. Consequently, you won’t be able to get Internet access to a variety of sites like Skype, NetFlix, Vudu and YouTube. This may cost LG a big section of consumers. But people who can make do with their own personal computers may be glad to have a set with technically more advanced features for a lesser sum of money. The exact scenario will come to light after finding out how well the consumers receive this set. Here is wishing that the series meets with a lot of success! gives LG 47LD520 3/5 stars!

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