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LG 19LG30 Review – 19-inch LCD HDTV

Originally Reviewed on December 17th, 2013

Up for Review: LG 19LG30 LCD HDTV

Even when the HDTV industry is inundated with large panel TVs, the demand for their relatively smaller versions is refusing to recede. From bedroom to kitchen to commercial outlets, there are virtually uncountable places where small LCD panels have become a necessary tool to have. Not every place can accommodate a 42 inch LCD panel and not everybody would like to splurge big bucks when there’s no reason to. Therefore, small is beautiful and here to stay. Among many HDTV manufacturers, LG has been harping on this mantra since it crafted its first LCD HDTV panel for consumers.

The LG 19LG30, in particular, appears to be onesuch exclusive TV which has been created to offer the modern-day TV viewer an unbelievable TV viewing experience. It’sa 19-inch LCD HDTV with cutting-edge features like Invisible Speaker system, 720p HD resolution, Enhanced AV mode, Sleek and slender look and many more. Importantly,the price tag and manufacturer’s brand are what stand for the product most.By and large, theLG 19LG30 is a must-have gadget for consumers of all classes. So let’s have a look at its features and specifications.

LG 19LG30 Features and Specifications:

  • TV type: LCD HDTV
  • Screen size: 19”
  • Display format: 720p HD resolution
  • Invisible Speaker System
  • Dynamic Contrast Ratio: 5,000:1
  • Enhanced AV mode with three settings
  • Sustainability: Energy Star Qualified

The sleek and stylish LG 19LG30flat panel LCD HDTV looks fantastic on or off. It’s great to watch HD broadcasts in the 19-inch wide screen which is quite better than an average laptop display.This model is built as a small living room or bed room model with a good contrast ratio of 5,000:1.

Since there is no such standard measurement technique to measure the contrast ratio, image clarity should not be calculated based only on contrast ratio. However, 5000:1 dynamic image contrast ratio is a good contrast ratio especially in brighter rooms which helps this model have an advantage over its competitors of similar price range.

19LG30 displays an HD resolution of 720p (1440x900p) with HDMI 1.3 digital inputs. The TV has a superb sound quality due to the built-in Clear Voice technology. Aside from this, the speaker system embedded into the TV set is completely invisible which creates a more balanced sound system and enhances the look of the model.Understandably, you cannot compare the built-in speaker system to an external sound system in terms of performance. But LG 19LG30 LCD HDTV will not disappoint you. You literally don’t need to spend extra dollars on an external sound device when you have an LG LCD HDTV.

Furthermore, the TV featuresEnhanced AV mode with three settings for cinema, games or sports tofully optimize the image quality. The Enhanced AV mode together with HDMI makes it a multi-faceted system. This enables the TV user to connect advanced set of equipmentlike Bluray-DVD or HD-DVD and video game systemswith the HD TV.On the whole, it’s a treat to watch a movie or play games on your 19-inch LG LCD HDTV in your living room with great video quality, superior soundand great enhancement features. The flat and smart design along with the gross black body-color makes the gadget look more aesthetic.

LG 19LG30 is energy star qualified, and hence it’s an environmental-friendly electronic product. gives LG 19LG30 4/5 stars.

4 / 5 stars     

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