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Element FLX-3211B Review – 32-inch LCD HDTV

Originally Reviewed on November 26th, 2007

The Element FLX-3211B is a 32 inch LCD flat-panel HDTV available at popular online and offline retailers like Circuit City. The FLX3211B features a nice black exterior with two bottom mounted speakers. It has pretty average features for a HDTV in this price range and screen size but they still produce a pretty good picture. The 32 inch version in this line of HDTV’s come with improved contrast ratio over the FLX-2611B that we previously reviewed. At right around $550, the Element FLX-3211B falls right in line with other budget brand flat panel HDTV’s.

Element FLX-3210 Features and Specifications Review:

  • Resolution: 720 (1366 x 768)
  • Built-in Tuners: NTSC/ATSC
  • Aspect Ratio: 16:9 widescreen
  • Contrast Ratio: 1200:1
  • Viewing Angle: 178 degrees
  • Picture in Picture: no
  • PC Compatible: yes
  • Component Inputs: 2
  • Composite Inputs: 2
  • HDMI Input: 1
  • S-Video Input: 1
  • Dimensions: 25 inches high, 31.7 inches wide, 8.4 inches deep, 39.5 lbs.
  • Warranty: 1 year

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A review of the Element FLX-3211B finds that its pretty sufficient for the average HDTV viewer. It doesn’t pack any extra features that produce the ultimate picture but if you’re upgrading from an old tube TV, you should be very happy with the picture of the FLX3211B. Element also produces the FLX-3210 that we reviewed and the features and specifications are listed to be the same so the only difference should be the exterior case color. The FLX-3211B is all black while the FLX-3210 has a mostly silver case with some black accents. Their prices are currently set the same. Overall, the Element FLX-3211B is great for someone seeking a pretty decent HDTV but not looking for the top-of-the-line. gives the Element FLX-3211B 7/10 stars!

Buy the Element FLX-3211B at Circuit City!

50 Customer Reviews for “Element FLX-3211B Review – 32-inch LCD HDTV”

  1. Dan's reviewJanuary 04, 2008

    The review of the Element TV model FLX3211B reviews this TV but lists specs for model FLX3210 features. Is this a typo or were the specs for the 3210 model shown due to lack of a feature list for the 3211?

  2. The Review Team's reviewJanuary 04, 2008

    Hi Dan!

    Thanks for looking into these 2 models. The specs listed for each TV are supplied from Circuit City. According to them, there are only a couple minor differences which are shown in the specifications on our review. Hope that helps!

  3. James Mello's reviewJanuary 29, 2008

    I just bought (on line) an Element 32 inch LCD HDTV from Circuit City. I tos model ELE FLX3220F. Have you rated this model yet? Does it differ much from the FLX3211B you rated above? I hope I did not flush money down the drain in my quest for a reasonably priced HDTV.


  4. M.D. Brown's reviewMarch 18, 2008

    Purchased the 50″ Element after reading all the great reviews. To my dismay the reviews were wrong. The colors were not to bad until I viewed the golf channel and all the grass was white and the players faces were washed out. The HD channels were less than great. I was as one might expect less than happy. Tried to call the manufacture but they work 8 to 5 and are not availible on the weekend. That made up my mine to return the element. It was a great price but not a great product. I got a great deal on a panasonic 50′ love it.

  5. The Review Team's reviewMarch 18, 2008

    Hi M.D.

    Thanks for stopping by and sharing your experience with this model. I’m sure other looking into this model will appreciate your opinions. A company’s customer service can often be a good indication of the quality of the company. Unfortunately, you don’t usually find out how good their service is until after you purchase.

  6. T Morgan's reviewJuly 01, 2008

    I picked up one of these a couple of weeks ago. This review above is accurate. It is certainly a big step-up from an older SD TV and HDTV looks quite acceptable. Particular HD movies, like Serenity, look excellent even. I did see some very mild blurring/artifacts in really fast action scenes. Perhaps that is related to the refresh rate, which I am unable to find a spec on.

    The contrast isn’t noticeably bad at all, but it seems like it could be darker in some situations. It’s hard to say if a few gradients more of darkness would be worth paying 400+ more bucks. My average enjoyment ratio is very high as it is. I don’t know if regular digital cable channels look any better on a more expensive name brand set, but that was certainly an adjustment. Of course, I watch HD channels almost exclusively now (which makes having so many other channels moot!). I think that is common for HDTV users.

    Concluding: It’s not perfect, but it really works and for those of us new to HDTV it offers a new world of TV goodness. That said, I STILL may return it and drop a few hundred bucks on a higher-end model, but that depends on my comparison experience at Circuit City. I’m new to all this and I just don’t have enough data to say if it’s good enough. Like the guy said: Pretty decent.

    (And I’d like more HDMI inputs.)

  7. Myrna Venable's reviewFebruary 02, 2009

    I picked up two 32 inch element t.v.s so far so good (if you like changing manually ) i can not get it to program with either cable or antenna can anyone help?

  8. gidz's reviewFebruary 17, 2009

    check the menu options and you can find an option to change it

  9. israel davila's reviewFebruary 18, 2009

    just purchased the element 32″ lcd and am very happy with it, for someone like myself who just can’t seem to give up $500-$1000 bucks on a t.v. it does all i need it to do, dvd’s are so much clearer as well as digital and hd channels. xbox 360 is awesome on it too. would definately recomend to people like myself who don’t make the kind of money the big time players make. completely satisfied!!

  10. Sandi Curry's reviewMarch 28, 2009

    Purchased 32″ lcd from Circuit City – no remote available. Does anyone know who the manufacturer is so I can contact about getting a remote? Also, does this TV have a sleep timer?

  11. Todd's reviewJune 19, 2009

    This Product (flx-3211b) Is Trash I Had It For Only 6 Six Months And It Took A Sh*t. It Wont Start Up And There Is No Help Out There To Fix This Problem Online. And Their Tech Support Is Only Open 9-5 Pacific Time Which Doesnt Help Me Cuz i Work At Night And Sleep During The Day And Plus I Live In The Easten Time Zone Element Is Trash

  12. mike's reviewAugust 08, 2009

    Hey Todd u are an idiot if you cannot get up and call for teck support in the day u got problems kid

  13. Drell's reviewAugust 30, 2009

    I hate this tv..its good to watch tv on but i cant play my xbox 360 on it for over 5 minutes.. It makes some loud screeching sound and the only wAY it turns off is by the power cord

  14. jon's reviewSeptember 18, 2009

    I play xbox 360 on mine for hours and never have that problem hmm sounds like you have a defect. its not bad for the price. so far so good

  15. Erin's reviewSeptember 30, 2009

    I have had mine for less than a year and it’s already broke 🙁 It just turned off while I was watching it and not it won’t turn back on. The light on the front turns green for a second then goes off. I expected something that cost me $500 to last a little longer.

  16. judy's reviewOctober 15, 2009

    I purchased the 32 inch. returned the first one at circuit city where i bought it. now the second one, just like drell said it makes a loud screeching sound and u have to pull the power cord to shut it off. it’s junk. circuit city is out of business. we have been calling california and can not get any help. they want me to pay 90 dollars to ship it. does anyone know where i can take it?

  17. phil's reviewOctober 26, 2009

    TV will not power on after only 3 months. A truly terrible product & even worse support, which seems to have mastered the “runaround”. They claim a 1-year warranty, but that doesn’t include labor, which makes it almost cheaper to just throw it away.

  18. MRAM1119's reviewNovember 25, 2009

    i have had a 32 inch for 2 weeks and it is working fine you get what you pay for,but i bought a 2 year extended warranty just in case….

  19. Casey's reviewNovember 26, 2009

    this tv is pretty good for the price, ive had it for 2 years now and its used pretty much all the time and is hardly turned off….either playing xbox 360 or watching some good ol soccer. im very happy with it and have never experienced any problems with it.

  20. Ann's reviewDecember 16, 2009

    Love the 32 inc element, especially since I only paid $299 at Walmart. Bought the 3 year warranty so all is good.

  21. Kurt's reviewDecember 16, 2009

    I recently brought the element hdtv. I heard that most people say element are very bad because it’s junk from the chinese. I was just playing my xbox 360 on element hdtv. It seemed fine to me. Well, am i too stupid to buy the element hdtv?

    By the way, im deaf. i cant hear anything but element hdtv may be good price. I think my element hdtv have 1 year warranty….. What should i do? I cant return it to the Kmart because i lost my recipes. Any suggestions? Thanks so much.

  22. Fred's reviewDecember 20, 2009

    My wife got me the 40 inch 2 weeks ago for a present. I have noticed the picture can be a bit fuzzy at times especially when there is a night scene or action scene. Overall however i am satisfied so far. This is my first HDTV so it works for what i need it for. Will i buy another one? Probly not. I will go to a better brand next time. however for my first HD not too bad. It beats regular tv.

  23. Jim's reviewDecember 21, 2009

    A power center surge protector will kill any noises. Resetting the TV may help shut off problems.Remember you get what you pay for and never purchase an LCD without an extended warrenty people.

  24. kevinlee's reviewFebruary 01, 2010

    i have the 32 inch wide tv and until recent will not come on . the the power lcd goes from red to blue but no picture,can anyone help?

  25. db's reviewFebruary 07, 2010

    kevinlee, do you have sound? if so, then try checking the light bulb. it’s common in most lcd tvs for them to blow out

  26. Mike's reviewFebruary 15, 2010

    Bought the 32″ Element at Walmart, last April. Great TV. We have 7 TVs in our house. Hands down the best picture by far. I am going to buy another one and put in our restaurant for our customers to enjoy. Great product!

  27. Justin's reviewFebruary 22, 2010

    I bought this element 3211b from circuit city feb 08. Had to return the first one (after I already had it mounted on the wall) after a week for no sound. Two years later, almost to the day, the tv started smoking and the picture went blank. What a piece or S**T!!! I would have thought for $550 I would have been able to enjoy it for a few years. Well, I guess I did, literally. Don’t buy an ELEMENT tv!!!!! We watched an average amount of tv and played some xbox with my son on it, but not overused. Don’t buy an ELEMENT tv!!!!! Replaced it with a RCA 720p LCD the same day it died. Much better picture and contrast ratio for only $350 at wal mart. Did I mention? DONT BUY AN ELEMENT TV!!!!!!

  28. Matt's reviewMarch 15, 2010

    Does anyone know if the have a 1080p yet? Thanks!

  29. Von's reviewApril 18, 2010

    I just got this tv from my aunt that past and the tv was going good until today. Out of no where the pic just went out and the sound is still there! I dont know what to do! Any suggestings. Thanks

  30. Cheryl's reviewJune 20, 2010

    I bought this tv 3 yrs ago with the extended warranty. Within the first year the computer went out and they finally replaced the tv. Now, lo and behold this one is dead. I will NEVER buy another Element tv again. Back to Phillps/Magnavox for me.

  31. Kevin Lepore's reviewAugust 02, 2010

    I purchased an Element 32 HDMI TV back in jan 2008 , with a three year extended warrenty , two weeks ago it burst into smoke , no picture , just sound , I’ve fought with customer service , had no contact back from them in over 2 weeks , they suck , spent $700 + on junk that only lasted 2 years

    they offered me half of what i paid , I’m still waiting on my replacement tv to arrive , worst piece of junk on the market , and Terrible customer service , you can’t get parts for these…no one repairs them ,

    Dont buy an Element…if you do make sure your fire insurance is up to date

    the repair crew they sent out to my house took 1 look at it and didn’t even bother to look inside the TV , they just said it was unrepairable & to wait 2 more weeks , someone would contact me…yeah right…

    if you do buy an Element TV , you better make certain you buy an extended warrenty with it , …you’ll need it !!!!! ,

    PS ,
    Hey Larry @ customer service , if your reading this plmk when you get that tracking number for the replacement TV your sending me…
    For all the bullshit i’ve had to put up with you can send me an up grade…
    I paid over $700.oo with the warrenty , it’d be nice if i got my Value out of what i spent my money on..

    1 really pissed off customer , Kevin

  32. Element Sucks's reviewAugust 15, 2010

    Piece of shit. Don’t waste your $$$. Hmmmm….why have we never heard of Element? Oh yeah, because it SUCKS. End of story.

  33. That Todd's reviewSeptember 03, 2010

    Best of luck to you Kevin!

    Our FLX-3211B (made Dec 2007) just started making a hissing sound, screen went black and white smoke billowed from the back of the TV! Good thing I was in the room!

    Looks like a number of these have hit their (short) life span. Would NOT recommend leaving this on if you are not in the same room and awake.

  34. PK's reviewSeptember 27, 2010

    I purchased on of these POS (3211B) as well in June of 08. Manufacture date Dec 07. Last night it just shut off while trying to watch a football game. No power, no lights, nothing. Just boxed it up to take to repair center that wants 50 just to tell me to throw in the trash. I purchased a 19 inch in 06 that is still working great. Not sure what happened to this crap. Never again..

  35. hermit's reviewOctober 14, 2010

    i bought a 40 inch element 2 months a go 1080p man worked good for the first two months no problems i was playin saints row2 then the dam thing just turned off and would not come on i even unpluged it for 30min so it could maybe reset its self but no and i thought lcd had life of like 15 to 20 years not peace of shit f element there all junk ppl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. Monipie's reviewNovember 09, 2010

    Recently when I turn on the Element HDTV the picture splits in half and is jumpy. The bottom half is greyed out and the top half is in zoom mode and jumpy. After about 5-10 minutes it goes to normal. Sometimes I can turn it on and there are no problems. This started a week ago. TV is less than one year old.

  37. Monipie's reviewNovember 09, 2010

    Also what is Element’s tech support number?

  38. luis's reviewNovember 17, 2010

    i have this tv for a little over 3 yrs never had no problem with for the price is a great buy

  39. Len's reviewNovember 27, 2010

    I have purchased 2 32″ element HDTVs. The first one was purchased the day after Christmas at Walmart, 2 years ago in 08. The second one was purchased the day after Christmas last year at the same store, so it is 1 year old. Both are working fine. Both of them only cost me $500. Prices were marked way down so I jumped on it. I did not buy the extended warranty. I am sorry to hear so many of you had problems, I guess I got lucky. I just purchased a 1080p 42″ LG the day after Thanksgiving this year at the same walmart, I was planning to buy a 1080p 42″ element that was on sale for $398 but they were out of them, they went like hotcakes. So I just hooked up the first 32″ element as my computer monitor since the 42″ took its place in the living room. I am looking at it right now. So far so good, I always use surge protectors on all my electronics. I buy the more expensive ones since I live on the Central Coast of California where we can have some bad storms in winter & the power goes off. You have to have good surge protection so the tv does not take a hit when the power comes back on. I am sure you guys know that but if there is just one of you who doesn’t or if you have a cheap power strip surge protector, the surge of power when it comes back on can either fry your TV or damage it to where it is weak and it may just quit and burn up later. Buy a quality surge protectoor if you don’t already have one.
    Good luck! Len

  40. bob's reviewDecember 16, 2010

    I bought an element from circuit city the thing lasted about a week brought it back under the warranty and got a new one that lasted a month then after the year warranty was up the tv went out. and out of luck. do not waste your
    money on this worth piece of junk. nothing but rip off.

  41. Kevin's reviewDecember 29, 2010

    I purchased a 55″ element 1080 P tv for Christmas and it seems to just shut off occasionally…. is there a reset button to stop that from happening ? or is it just a safety measure to stop a power surge from hurting the tv ?

  42. Taylor's reviewDecember 29, 2010

    Hello all,
    I purchased the FLX 3211B about two years ago. Overall its got some really good picture quality on shows. Its a nice size, much bigger than my last TV but not too big. The downside to shows and movies is that they’re just a tad bit fuzzy and pixely, but only an observant eye could really observe this (I’m picky).
    I also use the 3211B for gaming . It gives unprecedented clarity to the point that it’s ridiculous. My friend’s gaming PC has the same quality, and at a mucher higher price. On a final note, extended use of this television at one time can make small rooms quite hot (i.e. single bed rooms, smaller studies/home offices). This is great for colder winter nights but not so much for the stifling summer time (I’m in the Deep South).
    So, in essence:
    (+) good quality on shows and movies, excellent clarity for conole gaming
    (-) room temperature in bedrooms can go up by around 15-20 degrees when turned on for a long time (2/3 hours)

  43. corbin's reviewJanuary 13, 2011

    my husband bought me the element 32 inch last year for christmas and a year and one mont later it’s no good…thats just a waste of money thats hard to come by these days and of course theres no number anywhere for help with it now i just have a big paper weight

  44. jeffrey's reviewJanuary 21, 2011

    wow after what ive read from these posts i thought i bought a piece of crap
    it was the flx3211b ive had it for at least 3 yrs then a month back while watching it it just made some noises and went out i guess i feel fortunate compared to some of you other poor souls but i will stay away from elements and check with consumer reports before i ever buy another hdtv fortunatley my trusty ol 27 inch fisher analog tv came to the rescue its about 20 yrs old and still working like a champ, to the person that wanted to know if there is a tech support number this is the number that was on my warrenty
    1-888-238-8123 hope this helps ya it was listed as the consumer care center ph number

  45. rene's reviewFebruary 02, 2011

    do not buy any lg shit its all junk you will be sorry if you the it will die fast and no help from lg

  46. Gil's reviewJune 11, 2011

    We got the 32 inch last December and now the pic goes, you get a green or grey screen. Spoke with customer service twice who promised to email info on where to send or take the TV. The email is slower than snail mail because its still not here. I will never waste my money on an unproven brand and an unproven company. This is ridiculous. If you are looking for a TV, spend the extra few dollars and get a real TV with some guarantee that makes sense.

  47. Andrea's reviewJuly 21, 2011

    DO NOT BUY THE ELEMENT TV. I had my 32 inch element lcd tv for two years and I loved it until this morning. The screen went black and it started smoking. One of the above comments describes the same thing. This tv should be recalled. Its a fire hazard.

  48. girljebus's reviewAugust 16, 2011

    mine just flashed and started smoking too after it had only been on a couple hours….good thing my little girl was watching it, could have started a fire.

  49. romoka's reviewJanuary 04, 2012

    same story as the others. had my first one, 32″ i bought at sears 21/2 years when it started acting up. it is in my bedroom where i used it every day. didnt get a warranty because the price was so good i couldnt see spending almost that much again for a warranty. (mostly becuase you rarely get to use them when they are good!).crackling started then on button wouldnt turn it on, the button would turn blue but no picture. decided to unplug it and plug it back in and that worked for 3 weeks then it just died with all the crackling and static the others decribed. i moved it unto anohter room just to make sure it wasnt the cable box. i plugged it in and pressed the on button and it made a loud hissing sound!!! scared me to death i was afraid my house would catch on fire! i did finally get a phone number at the element tv website after i typed in my serial number for the tv. the website it gave me was for hisense, another one of their brands. one place i saw listed element & hisense being owned with rca. spoke with a lady today who was very quick to tell me no warranty no help. i explained to her all the reviews i had read about what had transpired with my tv and she said you will not get a new tv! i told her in my opionion they are selling tvs for hundreds of dollars and they dont last an average of 2 years and the warrantys people purchase arent worth a crap that a pretty good profit!!! she told me to call sears and see if i could get it serviced. i asked her how much that would cost and she said the mother board is about $75 and then labor on top of that. i said shouldnt it be the company’s responsibility when hundreds of people are having the same problem? she said the same thing again, no warranty nothing can be done!!! i hung up on her. unfortunate for me i bought another one from walmart last year!!! and no i didnt get a warranty. it has already started making the crackling noise.

  50. matthew's reviewJuly 17, 2012

    my tv smoked

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