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Dynex DX-L42-10A Review – 42-inch LCD HDTV

Originally Reviewed on January 3rd, 2010

Dynex DX-L42-10A Review: 42” LCD HDTV

Up for Review: Dynex DX-L42-10A LCD HDTV. Everyone is little skeptical while shelling out hard earned cash on something lesser known or not one of the top players of the industry. In the market when LCD, LED and Plasma TVs are flooding the showrooms like never before, it is easy to get beguiled by an expensive branded TV but what if you can get all the features within your budget. This is one such TV that packages more features for a much lesser price. For a price that just widens your eyes, you get almost all the features available in the top brands in the same line of products. The Dynex DX-L42-10A LCD comes for a price tag of $500 MSRP that sounds pretty much reasonable for a TV with so many up to the minute features. It has a 42 inches screen which makes it ideal for a medium sized hall or a bedroom. This TV is also one of the lightest and you can use the swivel stand or you can mount it to the wall with its strong mounts that are durable and sturdy.

The Dynex DX-L42-10A LCD HDTV comes with an amazing 176 degrees vertical and horizontal viewing angles and no matter where your favorite seat is in the room, you still get caught by its superb image quality. Also its 1080p technology (1920×1080 screen resolution) makes a sharp contrast to its competitors in the same price range. This HDTV also promises high brightness of 400 cd/m-squared along with 2500:1 contrast ratio. Hence, you do not get blurred images due to glare and your TV looks just normal in almost all lighting conditions. There are 3 HDMI inputs means you can screen content from your desired media device. You can always use a home theatre system attaching it to this HDTV’s audio out jack and get the fun of surround sound for greater cinematic experience.

Dynex DX-L42-10A Features and Specifications Review:

  • Built-in HDTV tuner 42″ screen
  • 1920 x 1080 resolution
  • 16:9 widescreen aspect ratio
  • High brightness (450 cd/m²)
  • 2500:1 incredible contrast
  • Wide 176° horizontal and vertical viewing angles
  • 3D Y/C digital comb filter
  • Two 10-watt stereo speakers
  • 3 HDMI inputs
  • PC video input
  • Inputs
  • Outputs
  • V-Chip parental controls
  • ENERGY STAR qualified

Like most of it contemporaries, the Dynex DX-L42-10A LCD HDTV, brings in most of the latest features in the category. It provides 6.5 ms response which makes the images burn faster into your TV and fast action sequences are clear and vivid. Supposing you love to play with your PSP on this LCD TV, you would notice that all the latest games look life like and phenomenal with its image quality. Its 3D Y/C digital comb filter ensures that the TV provides natural colors and enhances the overall viewing experience. Talking about the speakers, this LCD TV has two in built 10-watt stereo speakers for a surround sound effect. For energy efficiency, this TV meets all the latest guidelines provided by the US Department of Energy. gives Dynex DX-L42-10A 3/5 stars!

2 Customer Reviews for “Dynex DX-L42-10A Review – 42-inch LCD HDTV”

  1. linda hall's reviewMarch 02, 2010

    I am very disappointed with my DYNAX 42 in. tv. The sound is bad and when the picture is dark you see a bunch of wiggly lines. I would never recommend this tv to anyone.

  2. frank's reviewJune 18, 2010

    I don’t know what to say, except return it. I ‘ve had my 42″ for 2 weeks and have no complaints. BB’s $500 price was a plus also. The tv is made by LG, they use the same components. Mabey you got a lemon or it was dropped off the truck….

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