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While low-cost television brands have come and gone over the past several decades, one low-priced competitor has remained: JVC. The company has been committed to high-quality, low-cost entertainment products since its debut in the marketplace, and customers have rewarded the company with health profits and the will to carry on into a new generation of high definition entertainment. However, like all major companies, JVC deserves a good review and critique of its products and services before a customer commits to one of the company’s television sets.

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JVC Overall Brand Review

The JVC brand of low-cost televisions and other home entertainment technologies is generally regarded as a strong player among more generic brands. The company has experience producing great products, having been with consumers during the time of VCRs, traditional pre-HD television sets, and other technologies. The company has not escaped unscathed, however, as many customers have noted quality problems and issues of durability and longevity with the company’s products.

With high definition television sets, the company is aiming to set a new standard of both quality and a commitment to technology that will keep customers coming back for another generation.

JVC Product Quality

The company’s reputation precedes it and, in the area of product quality, JVC has always had an “okay” reputation. Its products are not known as the longest-lasting ones on the market; consumers looking for a great bargain, however, may not care if the television set they purchase doesn’t last a full twenty years. That being said, JVC has reiterated time and again that its HDTV technologies are cutting-edge and of the highest quality. Customer complaints with the company’s high definition sets have also been far less than complaints about the company’s older products. JVC, then, should be considered a brand on the rise — a company which learned from its past mistakes.

JVC Pricing & Value

3.5/5 stars

One of the low-cost entertainment leaders for the past several decades, JVC has always been known as having some of the best prices on current-generation technologies. Their HDTV offerings are no exception to this rule, as the company is typically the most affordable brand in most national electronics retail stores. On issues of price, JVC gets a very high mark.

But customers should be wary of the quality of the devices that JVC is selling at those discounted prices. The company is big on using cheaper plastic materials to surround its stunning display panels, and that can lead to cracking and “creaking” as the device ages. Customers have reported some issues of quality with the materials that compose the display’s border and stand, and that might reduce the longevity of the set overall, even if the actual television is still functioning beautifully.

JVC Customer Service

The company offers a standard warranty with all of its televisions, and allows customers to add an extended warranty to the device at the time of purchase — or during their initial period of warranty coverage. That’s a far better value than many generic television manufacturers and it might help relieve the potential stress of a device which may have quality issues in some of its materials.

Also, unlike many lower-priced manufacturers, JVC has an extensive network of authorized dealers that both sell the device as well as repair any issues that may arise during a customer’s ownership of it. Even some of the bigger brands like Samsung and Sony don’t have that kind of network. Customers who are worried about their television malfunctioning, or those who simply like to speak with a knowledgeable salesperson or technician before making a big purchase, will appreciate this commitment to customer satisfaction.

Of course, for those customers who prefer not to leave the house in the event of a technical glitch or quality issue, JVC does operate a 24-hour customer service hotline which is accessible via a toll-free number. Representatives can help customers troubleshoot any issues with the television set, as well as arrange for repairs via an authorized dealer or a paid shipping label if the television must be sent back to JVC for replacement or a larger-scale repair.

JVC Overall Rating

JVC is perhaps one of the most seasoned low-end technology brands anywhere in the world today. They’ve been with customers for several decades and, while their reputation has not always been sterling and free of major issues, they have vastly improved their commitment to device quality and customer satisfaction. With the development of an extensive network of authorized dealers, in combination with generous warranties and extended warranty coverage option, JVC reveals itself as the logical, low-price choice of home entertainment enthusiasts.

Customers who are wary of choosing online-only brands, or no-name manufacturers without a proven track record of good quality and service, would be wise to choose JVC for their entertainment needs.

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  1. R. Penton's reviewApril 18, 2012

    After buying a 46″ JVC LCD TV, we discovered that it was manufactured by Orion and we will have to deal with Orion for warranty. So far it looks just fine, but only time will tell.

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