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Haier TV reviewsOne of the least-known manufacturers of HDTVs is Haier, a company which is typically associated more with traditional appliances like refrigerators and air conditioners. But the company produces a line of high-definition television sets that are of spectacular quality, all of them priced well below the prices of competing big-name manufacturers. That being said, many people often view these lower prices with suspicion, wondering if they really are all they’re cracked up to be. Below, those questions of quality and durability are satisfactorily answered for discerning customers.

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Haier TV Brand Review

Haier is a company which has established itself in many market niches as a strong, value-centric brand which provides an alternative to bigger names and higher prices. Its quality in these areas has never been in dispute, and many customers find the brand a refreshing change of pace from the budget-busting brands with better names. Its reputation in the HDTV market is largely the same: the company produces some truly outstanding high-definition television sets without the prohibitively high price tag that can keep some consumers from making their purchase. These Haier TV sets are durable, long-lasting, and on par with anything a larger manufacturer is selling.

Haier Product Quality

It’s easy to assume that a less-known television manufacturer is lowering its prices by using yesterday’s technology and incorporating subpar display panels and materials into the product. While that might be true for some low-end manufacturers, it is certainly not the case for Haier. The company is operating on the bleeding edge of high-definition television technology, and was among the first manufacturer to begin selling new televisions with ultra-thin LED-LCD displays.

Its traditional LCD television sets are equipped with stunning 1080p picture quality and robust refresh rates; in fact, many of its units use the same display panels as those placed in competing Samsung televisions. There is no issue of quality when it comes to a Haier television set. The only difference, essentially, is price — and that lower price favors Haier more so than the major brands on the market.

Haier Pricing & Value

When it comes to price, Haier isn’t just competitive — they’re the industry leader in lower price. The company sells most of its models using online retailers, sparing it the overhead of marketing, merchandising, and placing its products in major electronic chain stores. It uses these savings as a way to offer customers some of the lowest-priced plasma, LCD, and LED-LCD television sets available anywhere. That’s a pretty good way of doing business.

One area where Haier does suffer is its extremely short warranty period. The company typically guarantees its HDTV products for just 90 days, or three months. Considering most television sets are designed to last for many years — and some last quite a few decades — this is a rather small effort by the company. However, customers do get access to a high-quality set for a lower price, and this may be a sacrifice that many are willing to make.

Haier Customer Service

3/5 Stars

For warranty repairs, troubleshooting, and other customer concerns, Haier operates a 24-hour, toll-free customer service line for American customers. This is a great resource, and one that any serious manufacturer should have at its disposal. Warranty repairs and returns on any of the company’s sets are paid for at Haier’s expense, not the customer’s — and that includes packaging and shipping for the device when it must be sent back to the company. While their warranty may be short, their commitment to service is standard for a manufacturer of this size and scope, and Haier gets major points for not pairing low prices with poor service and customer satisfaction.

Once a television set is out of warranty, however, many customers have reported that it is far more difficult and costly to business with the company. While technical support is often free, the company seems to “forget” about its older sets, and can only offer limited help to customers beyond the included technical specifications and support manual. Furthermore, the company is far more reluctant to do returns and repairs on sets which have aged out of the standard warranty included with them. That’s a serious demerit for a company committed to such high quality in other areas.

Haier Overall Rating

Any budget-minded consumer should consider Haier for their next (or first) HDTV purchase. The company is committed to a great value with all of its television sets, and has some of the best display panels on the market. Its design cues are simple, minimalist, and understated — meaning sets will blend easily into existing home theater setups and living room decors.

Haier has always tried to be on the leading edge of technology, reinforcing that the company does not believe in sacrificing quality or technology simply to offer a lower price. Despite its limited warranty protection, customers should rest assured that Haier is a reputable brand, and their products are built to last.

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  1. G Pegves's reviewMay 17, 2012

    I bought 2 Haier 22″ LCD TVs w/DVD in August of 2009. About a week after the warrenty expired I paid $35 for a diagnostic test because the TV’s motherboard had burned out and was not worth repairing. This week, 5/2012 the other TV has burned out also. I am now out not only the TVs, but also I have to replace the DVD players. Not three years after purchasing these items, I have to replace 2 TVs and 2 DVD players.

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