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Coby Electronics is a newer brand in the HDTV market.  It is a United States company that has manufacturing facilities in various parts of the world including China and Mexico.

Coby is an up and coming name of audio/video equipment.  As far as TV’s go, the primarily focus on the small ranges of LCD TV’s – everything from just a few inches wide to 30+ inch LCD TV’s.  Their line-up includes standalone LCD HDTV’s, portable televisions, TV/DVD combo’s and more.

Coby competes with many of the other budget brand TV companies like AOC Envision, Insignia and Element.  There appears to be a big market in lower cost TV’s that have a decent picture and can be sold in big box stores like Wal-Mart, Target and other places.  Coby TV is renowned as the best option in home theater but may be worth considering if you are not concerned about the top of the line picture quality or if you are maybe just looking for a second TV that can be viewed in other areas of your house where basic quality and options are suitable.

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Coby TV Brand Review

In the world of HDTV’s and home theater equipment, the old saying “you get what you pay for” is true to a certain degree.  There are also some well-known brands that are higher quality and more reliable.  Coby is trying to make a name for itself but definitely falls in line with the other budget brands.  The common trend with these TV’s is that they have a decent picture.  If you’re upgrading from a tube TV, you’ll be impressed but it doesn’t quite compare with some of the true HDTV brands.

Coby HDTV Product Quality

3/5 Stars

The biggest question people have when they come across an HDTV brand that they’ve never heard of is “how good is the quality of the TV” and “is this thing going to last very long”?  Both are definitely good questions for most of the budget brand TV lines.  HDTV shoppers need to keep in mind that these massed produced, cheaper TV’s obviously are cheaper to produce and quality issues tend to be a little more frequent.  Unfortunately, it can be a little hit and miss as to who has problems.  You may purchase a budget brand TV that lasts for 20 years and others will die within 1 year,  Overall, Coby TV’s are worth considering so long as you know that there is a greater chance that you’ll run into picture issues, sound problems or potentially even a dead TV set than some other brands.

Coby TV Pricing & Value

3.5/5 stars

We have focused on Coby’s pricing throughout this review because it really is the selling point of a Coby HDTV.  People are attracted to them based on their competitive pricing, not because they are so blown away by the image.  The truth is, Coby HDTV’s should be in consideration if pricing is your #1 concern, if you don’t plan on this being your primary TV or if you aren’t a big TV or movie watcher but need a TV in the home for off occasions.

Coby Customer Service

3/5 Stars

Similar to some of the other lesser known brands, we haven’t received much feedback on the customer service experience from Coby.  We always recommend reviewing the warranty materials and researching other things online if you’re concerned about the customer service process.  Our expectation is that due to the low cost of the TV’s, most people don’t bother calling into customer service once they are outside of their warranty.  At that point, it’s probably common for TV shoppers to move on to a new set and throw their old TV out.

Overall Coby Rating

3/5 Stars

By now, I think we’ve made our thoughts on Coby HDTV’s pretty clear but to restate: Coby TV’s are on par with other budget brands so if you are considering some of them, take a look at Coby, compare the features, specifications and price and choose the HDTV best for you.  These TV’s are great for specific uses but we don’t recommend them if you’re big on getting a great HD picture for watching sporting events, TV shows or movies.  However, Coby TV’s are a great option for simple, basic uses and the price is definitely right.

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14 Customer Reviews for “Coby LCD TV Reviews”

  1. jeff sturges's reviewApril 16, 2012

    COBY TV has terrible quality and no customer support…. If you buy one of their televisions, I highly recommend you purchase an Extended Warranty… You WILL NEED IT…. Bought my wife a COBY TV for her birthday, it lasted 6 months …. What a total rip-off and complete turn -off…. I will NEVER purcase another one of their products. … Take my advice and spend a few more $ for a name-brand… COBY is NOT worth the money.

  2. Samuel Barnes's reviewApril 21, 2012

    Colby is the worst !!! Got a 40in. LCD, within 2 month’s the hole TV blew out when I unplugged it to move some furniture… It just never came back on !!! They sent a new circuit board and Tech., to fix it… 3 month’s later the hole left side of the screen goes blurry until it warms up, which take’s about 10 min.
    I report this to them, they send me another TV, this one is a different model… A 40in. LED that is the thin version… The same day I pack up the old one to send back, the new one seem’s to have a issue with the back lighting… It goes dim when it want’s too !!! Now I have them both and each one has a different issue !!!!
    I am contacting Colby after I write this to request a refund !!! All this in less then a year !!!! Never again !!!!! Trust the review’s, their telling the truth !!!!

  3. Gunny's reviewApril 22, 2012

    > I absolutely agree with you. Bought a 40″ for $400 on a big sale and it lasted 9 months before the picture went out. I DID by the extended warranty and I’m getting the run around about how someone will call me in a few days, and schedule to come out and see if it can be fixed (who knows how long), and if it can’t be fixed, they have to review it to see how the problem can be resolved. Total junk!!!!

  4. david a bergner's reviewMay 04, 2012

    I recently bought a 40″ in lcd tv from shopko stores in green bay wi.within 4-1/2 -5mos i do not have a picture on my tv.talked to your support team trying to get my tv replace which i feel should be done with a tv that is only 5mos. old and having those kind of problems.they will not help me in any way besides telling me to wait for the repair man which is suppose to take up to 14 days to get to my home.this i feel is very bad for your companys repution and customer satisfaction.sincerly David Bergner/920-468-6800.

  5. Mary Lohman's reviewMay 05, 2012

    I have had my tv for about 10 months and the last 6 have been problems. I turn the TV on and 9 out of 10 times the picture is broken up. Turned in off today and it won’t come back on, what do you think the problem is?

  6. Fatmucket's reviewMay 06, 2012

    Bought a Coby tv for my mom and it died (won’t turn on) 4 months later. Piece of junk. Will never buy Coby again.

  7. Douglas Thayer's reviewMay 06, 2012

    Bought a COBY 40″ for my bedroom because of great sale price. Has problems with signal. Some time volume does not work on certain stations. Sometimes picture does not work but volume does. If you switch station and then return to previous station it may correct problem. But not always. Changing from station to another seems to take awhile. Picture quality of non digital stations is very poor.
    I have a Toshiba 40″ in living room that does not have any issues. Wish I had bought another Toshiba for bedroom.
    The bitterness of a bad product last alot longer than the sweetness of a good price.

  8. Tonya Mariscal's reviewMay 22, 2012

    This tv is junk dont buy it. I only had it for 2 months and now it will not even turn on. They have bad comster service, and i will NEVER buy another one. So if you read the ratings then dont waste your money….. A very unhappy comster……

    • Yoichi's reviewJune 18, 2012

      Rating I have been waiting peaitntly for a few years now to make the switch from my 480i Toshiba 32 CRT to an HDTV. Thanks to a decent tax return I was finally able to join the Hi Def club. I live in a small apartment and already had a nice entertainment center which housed my aging Toshiba so I chose to stay with the 32 screen format as anything larger would not fit. After doing weeks of research it came down to this LG or the Samsung LN32C350. I found the picture quality to be almost identical and the price was the same for both, $399.00. I chose the LG because I got 10% off with a online coupon and no tax and free shipping from another online retailer. I couldn’t be happier! This is one of the best purchases I have ever made. The TV is fantastic!, picture is bright, sharp, clear and gorgeous. The contrast ratio listed here is wrong though it’s not 50,000:1 it’s actually 70,000:1 which is even better. I love the remote, easy to use menu and all the functions and options you can tweak. it’s such an unbelievable difference seeing TV shows and movies in Hi Def. I can’t comment on the sound as I have the TV speakers turned off because I have a pretty kick-ass surround sound system. I am A Dish Network subscriber and have it hooked to my VIP612 receiver and am loving it also finally able to play my Xbox 360 in Hi Def and that is Da Bomb too! BF:BC2 looks amazing! I was debating whether to get a 1080p or a 720p TV for a long time then I found out (which I didn’t realise) all HD TV signals OTA (over the air), DirecTv, Cable, Dish Network are all broadcast in 720p/1080i and since I don’t watch blu-ray movies spending extra money on a 1080p set just wouldn’t make sense also on a TV 32 or less..the benefits of watching in 1080p are negligible. 720p looks phenomenal! It has a 1 year parts and labor warranty, and after you register it with LG you can extend your warranty by 2 years for $48 provided you do it in the 1st 180 days after purchase, so altogether you get a 3 year warranty for $48 from the manufacturer not some 3rd party outfit, that’s pretty good I’ll be doing that b4 my 180 days are up. I can’t recommend this TV more I am now an LG fanboy.

  9. Jackie's reviewMay 23, 2012

    I brought a Coby in Feb. 3, 2012 and the sound went out and now i cant get any help from the store or the company, I guess $349.00 was a good deal for a 40′ but why should i be with out sound and now i cant watch any of the playoffs games… What a huge waste…

  10. Carol's reviewJune 04, 2012

    Bought a 23 inch led tv for $299.99. After a while the tv would just shut off. Sometimes it does this frequently at night when I’m trying to watch prime-time shows. Very frustrating. You have to wait to hear a clicking sound, which only takes seconds, before you can power on. It then takes about 15 seconds or longer to get back to watching a show. Picture quality is great but don’t understand this problem. I have fallen asleep with tv on and wake up hours later and the darn thing is still on. I think I will not purchase a Coby product again.

  11. Cathy's reviewJune 21, 2012

    My 40″ lasted less than a month. No picture. No sound. No help.

  12. pym's reviewJuly 01, 2012

    bought coby tf 2395 april 22… it had good picture and good sound (after hooking up ext. speakers) i was happy. this morning powers on but no picture, no sound. customer service stinks

  13. dm dool's reviewJuly 06, 2012

    bought a Colby 40″ it’s dying daily. Only 5 weeks old. Has lines on component cord set picture. Now after 2 hrs. of viewing the picture goes out. Absolute piece of sh#t.

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